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Oct. 22, 2011:
IDC 2012 symposium Web site was launched.

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Symposium Program

Invited Talks


Invited Talk 1


Information Fusion as Aid for Qualitative Enhancement of Intelligence Extraction in Multi-source Environments - A Panoramic View of Architectures, Algorithms and Applications

Belur V. Dasarathy


Invited Talk 2


Nature-Inspired Coordination for Complex Distributed Systems

Andrea Omicini



Session 1: Self-organization and Bio-Inspiration


Using Building Blocks for Pattern-Based Simulation of Self-organising Systems

Christopher Haubeck, Ante Vilenica, Winfried Lamersdorf


Molecules of Knowledge: Self-organisation in Knowledge-Intensive Environments

Stefano Mariani, Andrea Omicini


A Self-organized Approach for Detecting Communities in Networks

Ben Collingsworth, Ronaldo Menezes



Session 2: Multi-Agent Systems


Extending Jason with Promises for Concurrent Computation

Alex Muscar


Dynamic Case-Based Reasoning Based on the Multi-Agent Systems: Individualized Follow-Up of Learners in Distance Learning

Abdelhamid Zouhair, El Mokhtar En-Naimi, Benaissa Amami,

Hadhoum Boukachour, Patrick Person, Cyrille Bertelle


Distributed Paraconsistent Belief Fusion

Barbara Dunin-Keplicz, Andrzej Szalas


A Multi-tiered Recommender System Architecture for Supporting E-Commerce

Luigi Palopoli, Domenico Rosaci, Giuseppe M.L. Sarne'



Session 3: Agent-Based Intelligent Applications


Healthcare Interoperability through a JADE Based Multi-Agent Platform

Miguel Miranda, Jose' Machado, Antonio Abelha, Jose' Neves


An Architectural Pattern for Designing Intelligent Enterprise Systems

Eugenio Zimeo, Gianfranco Oliva, Fabio Baldi, Alfonso Caracciolo


MUSE: MUltilinguality and SEmantics for the Citizens of the World

Michele Bozzano, Daniela Briola, Diego Leone, Angela Locoro,

Lanfranco Marasso, Viviana Mascardi


Ontology Based Road Traffic Management

A.J. Bermejo, J. Villadangos, J.J. Astrain, A. Cordoba



Session 4:  Distributed Systems


Autonomy and Differentiation in Distributed Systems

Ichiro Satoh


Towards Characterizing Distributed Complex Situation Assessment as Workflows in Loosely Coupled Systems

Costin Badica, Claudine Conrado, Franck Mignet, Patrick de Oude,

Gregor Pavlin


A Trust-Based Approach for a Competitive Cloud/Grid Computing Scenario

Fabrizio Messina, Giuseppe Pappalardo, Domenico Rosaci,

Corrado Santoro, Giuseppe M.L. Sarne'


Data Science and Distributed Intelligence

Alfredo Cuzzocrea, Mohamed Medhat Gaber



Session 5: Parallel Computing


Data-Flow Awareness in Parallel Data Processing

David Bednarek, Jiri Dokulil, Jakub Yaghob, Filip Zavoral


Efficient Group Communication for Large-Scale Parallel Clustering

David Pettinger, Giuseppe Di Fatta


A High Performance Engine for Concurrent CEP in Erlang

Bill Karakostas


Sensorization and Intelligent Systems in Energetic Sustainable Environments

Fabio Silva, David Cuevas, Cesar Analide, Jose' Neves, Jose' Marques



Session 6: Social Computing and Networks


Contextual Synchronization for Efficient Social Collaborations: A Case Study on TweetPulse

Jason J. Jung


Crafting Kinship Networks by Exploring Acquaintances Relationships

V. Carchiolo, V. Di Martino, A. Longheu, M. Malgeri, G. Mangioni


The Effects of Pre-trusted Peers Misbehaviour on EigenTrust

V. Carchiolo, A. Longheu, M. Malgeri, G. Mangioni




Session 7: Agents and Sensor Networks


Intelligent Evacuation System for Flood Disaster

Sefrioui Imane, Cherrat Loubna, Ezziyyani Mostafa, Essaaidi Mohammed


Integrating Jade and MAPS for the Development of Agent-BasedWSN Applications

Mariusz Mesjasz, Domenico Cimadoro, Stefano Galzarano, Maria Ganzha,

Giancarlo Fortino, Marcin Paprzycki


Emergent Distributed Bio-organization: A Framework for Achieving Emergent Properties in Unstructured Distributed Systems

George Eleftherakis, Ognen Paunovski, Konstantinos Rousis,

Anthony J. Cowling



Session 8: Collaborative Computing, Mobile Networks and Intelligence


A Collaborative Bayesian Watchdog for Detecting Black Holes in MANETs

Manuel D. Serrat-Olmos, Enrique Hernandez-Orallo, Juan-Carlos Cano,

Carlos T. Calafate, Pietro Manzoni


A Distributed Allocation Strategy for Data Mining Tasks in Mobile Environments

Carmela Comito, Deborah Falcone, Domenico Talia, Paolo Trunfio


Adaptive Patterns for Intelligent Distributed Systems: A Swarm Robotics Case Study

Mariachiara Puviani, Giacomo Cabri, Letizia Leonardi


Maximal Component Detection in Graphs Using Swarm-Based and Genetic Algorithms

Antonio Gonzalez-Pardo, David Camacho



Workshop A4C 2012


How to Monitor QoS in Cloud Infrastructures: The QoSMONaaS Approach

Giuseppe Cicotti, Salvatore D'Antonio, Rosario Cristaldi, Antonio Sergio


Simulation-Based Performance Evaluation of Cloud Applications

Antonio Cuomo, Massimiliano Rak, Umberto Villano


Vendor Agents for IAAS Cloud Interoperability

Alba Amato, Luca Tasquier, Adrian Copie


Agents Layer to Support Cloud Applications

Calin Sandru, Salvatore Venticinque



Workshop MASTS 2012


Policy-Based Instantiation of Norms in MAS

Andreea Urzica, Cristian Gratie


A Multi-Agent System for Service Acquiring in Smart Environments

Irina Mocanu, Lorina Negreanu, Adina Magda Florea


Newtonian Emotion System

Valentin Lungu



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